The Weather Channel’s Stephanie Abrams

Episode #22

Our podcast host, Greg Padgett interviews The Weather Channel's Meteorologist and Host of AM HQ, Stephanie Abrams.

Topics Covered

  • Stephanie Abrams grew up in Florida and the first time she considered a career in meteorology was after witnessing the aftermath of Hurricane Andrew’s impact to south Miami Dade County in 1992.
  • Some of the most memorable storms she has covered in the past include Hurricane Katrina in 2005, Hurricane Michael in 2018, and Hurricane Laura during the historic 2020 hurricane season.
  • Another memorable event Stephanie covered for the Weather Channel was the 2017 Solar Eclipse in the U.S., her love of the sciences as a kid from participating in NASA’s science camp, and by chasing an eclipse with her dad culminated into an emotional event while witnessing the 2017 eclipse.
  • Stephanie prefers the humid Florida summers to the cold and snowy winters in New York.

Key Takeaways

  • [00:30] Guest Introduction
  • [01:00] How did you get started in Meteorology?
  • [02:10] When did you decide you wanted to be a TV Meteorologist?
  • [04:00] What is it about doing her job that you enjoy the most?
  • [05:00] What do you remember the most about the 2020 hurricane season?
  • [05:50] I believe you covered hurricane Laura, what was that like?
  • [06:45] Hurricane Zeta impacted inland communities like Atlanta this year….and those impacts were severe.
  • [08:30] What do you enjoy the most about covering hurricanes in the field?
  • [09:35] Is there a particular live shot that you remember the most?
  • [10:07] I know the Weather Channel takes so much precaution for their teams in the field.
  • [10:30] Was it Hurricane Michael where you had to evacuate from your spot at the beach?
  • [12:00] Was Michael the worst damage you ever saw from a hurricane?
  • [13:15] How important is it for TWC to coordinate with the Emergency Management community?
  • [14:01] Let's play a word association game.
  • [20:23] What is your favorite type of weather?
  • [21:40] What’s worse, Summers in Florida or Winters in New York?
  • [22:30] Are you a Gator, Seminole, or a Wolverine?
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Stephanie Abrams
Stephanie Abrams
Meteorologist and Host of AM HQ

Since 2003, the spirited and passionate Stephanie Abrams has covered every type of severe weather.  In the field, Stephanie has covered hurricanes, tornadoes, heat waves, flooding, snow, and fires. Her enthusiasm for educating and sharing life-saving information and stories of survival has taken her across the country and overseas.  

Her creativity has spanned across the numerous shows she's been a part of including "Abrams and Bettes" and "Wake Up with Al" and her current role as a co-host of AMHQ (“America's Morning Headquarters”). Stephanie has gone skydiving to show how "the atmosphere is like a hamburger," recently started a science in 60 seconds segment titled, "Science With Steph," and has had fun with forecasting by creating segments like "TWCingle," a weather play on dating apps. 

Previously, Stephanie was a morning meteorologist at WTXL-TV in Tallahassee, FL.  A native of Wellington, FL (near West Palm Beach), she graduated cum laude with a bachelor's degree in meteorology from Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL. She also earned a bachelor's degree in geography from the University of Florida, Gainesville, FL, where she graduated with honors a Stephanie is a member of the National Weather Association and the American Meteorology Society. She holds the AMS seal of approval and was president of the North Florida chapter of the AMS from 2002-2003.nd was elected to Phi Beta Kappa. In addition, she acquired a minor in mathematics.


To learn more about the Weather Channel’s morning show with Stephanie Abrams and Jim Cantore, visit AM HQ.