Preparing for Major Tornadoes

Episode #10

EF 5 Tornadoes are the strongest storms on earth with winds more than 200 mph and in 1999 one tornado produced a record wind speed of 314 miles per hour as it was devastating Moore, Oklahoma.  To survive a tornado, you need to have a sturdy room in the lowest level of a secure home on a foundation. It is not recommended to try and out run a tornado, but the most devastating twisters can be life threatening if you are not in a secure shelter.  The last EF 5 tornado recorded in the U.S. hit Moore, Oklahoma in May, 2013.


George Forbes
Dr. Greg Forbes
Retired - Severe Weather Expert
The Weather Channel

Gregory Stanley Forbes was most recently the Weather Channel's long-time severe weather expert with a previous significant research background in the areas of severe convective storms and tornadoes.

Born and raised near Latrobe, Pennsylvania, Forbes earned a B.S. degree in meteorology at Pennsylvania State University (PSU). He studied tornadoes and severe thunderstorms at the University of Chicago, where he obtained his M.S. and Ph.D. There, Forbes studied under famous tornado scientist Ted Fujita and his thesis was regarding the 1974 Super Outbreak where he and Fujita did aerial and ground investigations documenting tornado paths and furthering ideas of the tornado family and of multiple-vortex tornadoes. It was with those data he confirmed in a 1981 article that the hook echo is an excellent clue on a weather radar for the development of tornadoes.[2]

Forbes served as field manager for the Project NIMROD, the first measurement program to study damaging thunderstorm winds from downbursts and microbursts. He then joined the faculty in the Department of Meteorology at Penn State in 1978, where he taught courses in weather analysis and forecasting, natural disasters, and other topics until joining The Weather Channel (TWC) in June 1999. Forbes has had a variety of experiences outside of the classroom, including surveying the damage paths left by about 300 tornadoes and windstorms, including Hurricane Andrew and Typhoon Paka. As part of his research at Penn State, he was lead weather forecaster for numerous field research programs around the country.[3]

He continues limited research and was on the development team of the Enhanced Fujita Scale which in 2007 replaced the original Fujita Scale from 1971.

Forbes retired July 6, 2018 from the Weather Channel.

Jim Furgerson
Fire Chief
Joplin, Missouri
Damon Lane
Chief Meteorologist

Damon Lane is Chief Meteorologist for KOCO 5 First Alert Weather.

Lane is the only Chief Meteorologist in Oklahoma City who holds a degree in Atmospheric Sciences/Meteorology. He is also the only Chief Meteorologist in Oklahoma City to hold the CBM seal of approval from The American Meteorological Society, the highest-level certification from the nation’s top association for broadcast meteorologists. Lane and the KOCO 5 First Alert Weather team are independently certified as delivering the most accurate forecast in Oklahoma City by WeatheRate, an independent scientific organization that measures accuracy in weather forecasts across the country.

Lane has served as a guest meteorologist for ABC’s Good Morning America and is a frequently featured speaker at weather conferences around the country, where he shares his experience forecasting one of the nation’s most active weather regions.

In 2016, Lane was featured in the nationally televised ABC 20/20 primetime special “In An Instant” about the 2013 tornado outbreak that impacted Moore, Oklahoma. He shared his personal experiences covering the 2013 tornado outbreak that impacted his home town of Moore. The massive tornado struck his own neighborhood as he covered it live on-air. His wife rode out the storm in their shelter with the family dogs while many nearby homes were damaged or destroyed. Lane has been active in community recovery efforts ever since. Lane’s coverage of the Tornado Outbreak was nominated for an Emmy award.

Previously, Lane served as Chief Meteorologist at KTXS-TV in Abilene, TX, forecasting severe weather on the southern edge of “Tornado Alley.” While there, he was named “Abilene’s Favorite Meteorologist” three years in a row.

Lane was born and raised in Northern Virginia and was drawn to science and weather from a young age. Lane eared two bachelor degrees in college. After graduating in less than four years in Communications/Mass Media from Old Dominion University, Lane earned his Bachelor of Science in Atmospheric Sciences/Meteorology from The University of North Carolina, Asheville.

While he takes his weather science seriously, during his free time Lane is just as serious about having fun out in the elements. An avid outdoorsman, he loves to hike in summer and snow ski in winter. He shares his love of the outdoors and traveling with his wife Melissa. Being new parents hasn’t slowed them down and they love to share their travel adventures with their daughter.

When he’s not exploring the outdoors with his family, he enjoys firing up the barbeque at home and is convinced that he makes the world’s best "jalapeno poppers."