Integrating Property Insurance With Your FEMA Claim

Our preparedness, disaster recovery, and risk management services are provided by Tidal Basin. Our adjusting services for property damage claims are delivered by our licensed regional public adjusting firms, which are a part of Adjusters International, the premier public adjusting firm in North America. Our combined experience and resources help fully prepare and maximize our clients’ recovery sooner.

Please contact Adjusters International for more information and assistance with commercial and residential property damage insurance claims.

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Who Covers The Costs Of A Disaster?

When a disaster strikes, organizations and communities face a different challenge every moment, encountering a new crisis at every turn. Who will cover the costs?

  • Our Tidal Basin team of experts successfully help organizations, governments, and communities navigate through the complicated disaster recovery process.
  • Our knowledge and proactiveness help you develop and implement a Total Solution® that unites the property insurance and FEMA portions of your disaster recovery into one financial recovery strategy for your immediate and long-term needs.
Cost Of Disaster

Your Insurance Settlement Is First

To prevent delay, an accurate understanding of your anticipated insurance settlement is necessary to help move your FEMA grant forward. The two processes take different perspectives on everything from what’s eligible to how it’s quantified. Our disaster recovery experts understand both the FEMA and insurance recovery processes and help you establish a well-documented insurance claim as the basis for your recovery.


The Right Foundation For Your Claim To FEMA


Successfully recovering all of your eligible costs requires a full understanding of not only the basics of the program, but of how insurance and FEMA complement one another. No one understands this interaction better than our team. We know the proper way to prepare project worksheets and what systems need to be in place to accurately track and account for all monies spent on the disaster.

We deliver this key knowledge and experience together with unwavering client advocacy to help you receive all the funding you are entitled to from both your insurance claim and FEMA.

Our Total Solution® Recovery Services

Total Solution

We successfully help organizations, governments, communities, not-for-profits, and private sector clients navigate through the complicated disaster recovery process. Our unmatched knowledge helps you develop and implement a Total Solution® that unites the property insurance and FEMA portions of your disaster recovery into one comprehensive financial recovery strategy.

  • [Compliance] With FEMA
    Compliance With FEMA
    Compliance With FEMA
    Compliance with FEMA funding procurement guidelines and other special considerations, including environmental issues.
  • [Reconciling] FEMA
    Reconciling FEMA
    Reconciling FEMA
    Reconciling FEMA and insurance recoveries.
  • [Hazardous] Mitigation
    Hazardous Mitigation
    Hazardous Mitigation
    Maximizing hazard mitigation opportunities.
  • [Total Financial] Recovery Strategy
    Total Financial Recovery Strategy
    Total Financial Recovery Strategy
    Implementation of a proactive total financial recovery strategy that addresses the immediate and long-term rebuilding needs.
  • [Reimbursement] & Audit
    Reimbursement & Audit
    Reimbursement & Audit
    Establishing guidelines for reimbursement and audit compliance.
  • [Project] Worksheets
    Project Worksheets
    Project Worksheets
    Preparing accurate project worksheets in a FEMA acceptable format, which include scopes of work and valid cost estimates.
  • [Funding] Plan
    Funding Plan
    Funding Plan
    Development of a full funding plan to support your vision for rebuilding.
  • [Determining] Eligibility
    Determining Eligibility
    Determining Eligibility
    Ensuring all eligible costs and damages have been identified and reported to the State and FEMA.
  • [Documentation] of Debris Removal
    Documentation of Debris Removal
    Documentation of Debris Removal
    Documentation of debris removal, force account, and contract labor.
  • [Site] Inspection
    Site Inspection
    Site Inspection
    Thorough on-site inspection of damaged property and facilities.
  • [Database] Systems
    Database Systems
    Database Systems
    Development of state-of-the-art accounting and database systems.
  • [FEMA Grant] Closeout
    FEMA Grant Closeout
    FEMA Grant Closeout
    Providing FEMA Grant closeout assistance.

The Benefits of Working With Our Professionals

  • [Immediate] Response
    Immediate Response
    Our team responds within 24-72 hours of a request for assistance.
  • [Direct] Experience
    Direct Experience
    Our staff has a thorough understanding of the FEMA Public Assistance Program. There is no learning curve—only proven delivery.
  • [Systems &] Controls
    Systems & Controls
    We deploy state-of-the-art web-based grant management software systems and controls.
  • [Totally] Equipped
    Totally Equipped
    Our employees arrive totally prepared and equipped with the latest technology to effectively get the job done.
  • [Representation] & Advocacy
    Representation & Advocacy
    We represent and advocate for the insured Recipient and Subrecipient, never for FEMA or the insurance company.


As the leading experts in preparedness and disaster recovery services, our priority is to provide the information, training, and guidance to our clients and other professionals so that they are best equipped to help their organizations or communities in the event of an unexpected disaster.

Total Solution® Video

What do you do when disaster strikes? Buildings are destroyed, communication systems are down, your community is impacted, and your financial reserves are strained. When you have suffered a disaster, you do not need a financial disaster on top of it. Adjusters International’s Total Solution® unites the property insurance and FEMA Public Assistance portions of your disaster recovery into one financial recovery strategy.
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Public Adjusting

Along with our expertise in preparedness and disaster recovery services, discover how you can also have to your advantage the leading public adjusters in North America, Adjusters International, on your side to help manage the insurance claim process to maximize your recovery.
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Our Publications

Our team works exclusively on behalf of applicants and recipients, never for FEMA itself. This unique perspective allows us to “tell it like it is” without reservation, and provides you with valuable insights from a non-FEMA perspective.

Who We
Have Helped

Discover in detail how our team of professionals is playing an instrumental role in helping hundreds of organizations, governments, communities, not-for-profits, and private sector clients prepare and recover sooner from the worst disasters.
The 2004 hurricane season was a difficult one for Lee County in Southwest Florida. We were fortunate, indeed, to have retained your firm to process FEMA claims following Hurricane Charley. Especially effective was the coordinated approach you used in seeking financial relief from separate sources such as FEMA, FHWA, NRCS and insurance. ...The knowledge needed to deal with FEMA regulations is mind-boggling. It was obvious you and your team are very much up to speed with these regulations, procedures and processes.Without hesitation, we would recommend you and your firm to anyone faced with the task of processing large and/or complex loss claims in a disaster environment. Your firm's ability to bring together the right team of professionals at the right time resulted in the creation of a superior product. Your thoroughness, knowledge, attention to detail, and logical approach provided us with the assurance that we would obtain the maximum reimbursement from all eligible sources.
Tony Majul
Budget Director - Lee County, Florida
...During our time together, Jake displayed great communication skills in what was required for submission to FEMA as well as providing timely, accurate and professional service. When Jake was first assigned to St. John's, I was immediately impressed with his technical skills as well as his vast knowledge in disaster recovery... Jake was a pleasure to work with because of his amazingly positive attitude and eagerness to stick tightly to deadlines which provided St. John's with a timely resolution and recovery of expenses... I am absolutely confident that Jake and his team would be a great fit for any future disaster recovery assignments.
James T. Abbatello
Assistance Controller - St. John's University

Severe storms dumped massive amounts of rain in the Southern Tier of New York State in the summer of 2006, resulting in widespread flooding. 

When Hurricane Katrina struck, bringing with it widespread flooding and damage, the City of Slidell took the brunt of the storm. Located just 30 miles north of New Orleans, the two cities were both hit full-force by the destructive power of the hurricane. Unfortunately for Slidell, the nation first focused on the recovery of New Orleans. The City of Slidell didn't begin its recovery operations under Adjusters International had been hired, bringing the expertise required to turn the recovery process around.

  • City of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • 4050-DR-AK Severe Winter Storms and Flooding
  • Virginia Department of Emergency Management
  • City of San Francisco, California
  • BP Oil Spill – Deepwater Horizon Claims Management Consulting
  • Philadelphia Public Schools, Pennsylvania
  • Lee County, Florida
  • Port of Houston Authority, Texas
  • Mississippi State Port Authority, Mississippi
  • Minot Park District, North Dakota

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