Why Tidal Basin?

  • Full service, comprehensive, all-hazards emergency management company.
  • Seasoned team of nationally recognized subject matter experts.
  • Customized approach to program needs and outcome-driven results.
  • More than two decades of “boots on the ground” response experience — both in the field and in Emergency Operations Centers

Our team of preparedness experts, practitioners, and data collectors work with you to smoothly coordinate and deliver a COVID-19 After Action Report (AAR).

Capture Lessons Learned to Enhance Preparedness & Response

Our AAR is based on a layered methodology of data collection, workshops, and interviews to simultaneously share lessons learned and collaboratively document corrective actions. Our approach has been honed over many years developing AARs. Our experts work as part of your team to:

  • Ensure lessons learned are captured and preparedness efforts enhanced.
  • Provide on-site or virtual coordination, collaboration, and communication as rapidly and continuously as necessary to achieve the desired results.
  • Leverage our proven iterative three-step approach to gathering the necessary data, including relevant stakeholders, and synthesizing information into an actionable AAR that addresses the needs of cross-cutting, statewide, multi-agency, multi-disciplinary emergency management activities.
  • Efficiently conduct interviews, collect data and provide well-informed assessments, analysis and recommendations.
  • Facilitate interviews and focus groups to provide a multi-perspective understanding of the COVID-19 event and its effects on your stakeholders and partners.

Real-World Experience

Over the years, our team has supported real-world AAR development for the White House, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), local emergency management agencies, states, colleges and universities, airports, critical infrastructure, public health, and healthcare entities, including recent projects for:

  • Butte County, CA
  • Pender County, NC
  • State of New Jersey
  • University of Miami
  • FEMA Housing Inspection Services (HIS)
  • Northern Virginia Emergency Response System
  • University of South Florida

Why Tidal Basin?

  • We understand the unique dynamics of capturing real-world data from multiple sources and groups in a short period of time.
  • Our team has developed many AARs and has the experience necessary as real-world emergency management practitioners to formulate comprehensive and actionable improvement plans (IPs).
  • Our AAR experience includes hurricanes, the Presidential Travel Policy/1st Amendment protests at airports, power outages and storms, critical utility interruptions, over 40 post-disaster AARs for FEMA, and National Special Security Events (NSSE) in the National Capital Region (NCR).

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