The National Association of Counties (NACo), serving as a critical liaison between county governments and federal and state authorities, recently showcased two insightful articles from Tidal Basin’s communication team. NACo’s decision to publish these articles reflects its commitment to enhancing the capabilities of county governments in emergency preparedness and response, which is crucial for the safety and well-being of their residents.

The first article, “From Prevention to Resilience: Strategies in Wildfire Mitigation,” provides a comprehensive guide to wildfire mitigation. It emphasizes the importance of creating defensible spaces and early detection systems, underlining the need for resilient communities to protect lives and property. This piece is a testament to the proactive measures counties can adopt in the face of increasing wildfire threats.

The second article, “A Breathing Crisis: Rising Concerns over U.S. air quality,” addresses the escalating issue of hazardous air quality and the growing environmental concern affecting communities nationwide. The article offers practical health tips and insights for navigating and mitigating the impacts of poor air quality.

Tidal Basin is honored to be a corporate premier program partner with NACo, offering subject matter expertise in webinars, thought leadership contributions, and participation with the Resilient County Advisory Board. Our involvement with the Large Urban County Caucus and various state-specific associations further underscores our commitment to addressing county-level challenges.

Counties, often the first line of defense in crises, benefit immensely from NACo’s extensive network, which encompasses all 3,069 U.S. counties, over 40,000 elected officials, 3.6 million county employees, and more than 30 affiliated county associations. NACo’s resources and support are pivotal in developing robust emergency preparedness and response plans, ultimately contributing to the creation of more resilient communities across the country.

In addition to these articles, you may enjoy additional brand journalism pieces produced by the Tidal Basin Communications team found in the news section of our website under the Insights tab. The synergy of informative content and strategic communications equips government and emergency management officials with the knowledge and tools necessary for effective crisis management.