Alexandria, VA (August 23, 2023)…Tidal Basin Group, a renowned comprehensive emergency and disaster management and consulting services firm, announces a transformative moment in its history as it forges strategic partnerships and sets new horizons of growth through its acquisition by Michael Baker International, an industry-leading engineering, planning, and consulting services firm. This strategic partnership opens boundless possibilities for growth, allowing Tidal Basin to explore new markets and industries while retaining its essence and identity.

“We are excited to welcome Tidal Basin as a sister company to Michael Baker. This relationship is a tremendous opportunity for the two firms to work closely together to drive more value for a shared client base that encompasses more than 90 locations across the country,” said Thomas J. Campbell, Chairman of Michael Baker International and Founder and Managing Partner of DC Capital Partners. “Both firms bring added strength to the market with complementary resources and capabilities to take on larger resiliency projects while delivering the exceptional client service for which they are known.”

Tidal Basin will continue to operate as a stand-alone entity while expanding its relationship with Michael Baker. The two companies have a history of working together on projects throughout the country, including planning projects targeting wildfires in California and infrastructure projects in Colorado and New York. Working more closely together will allow both firms to provide even stronger program and technical management expertise and resources to clients, including governments, businesses, and communities.

The combined capabilities of Tidal Basin and Michael Baker encompass the continuum of disaster life-cycle services, providing pre-disaster planning and resiliency solutions—to post-disaster response and recovery grant and infrastructure program management, accompanied by full-service design, engineering, construction, and technology solutions. This full spectrum of pre- and post-disaster consulting services, expanded by the relationship with Michael Baker, will transform and empower organizations and communities to become more resilient.

“This acquisition is a momentous occasion for Tidal Basin as we continue our growth and industry leadership journey. We are thrilled to join forces with DC Capital and Michael Baker International, who have a history of strategic planning, a focus on growth that matches ours, and shares our vision, values, and commitment to excellence,” said Daniel A. Craig, Chief Executive Officer of Tidal Basin. “With this stronger collaboration, we are confident in our ability to further innovate, expand, and serve our clients and partners with unparalleled quality and value.”

Addressing the pressing challenge of resiliency in the face of a changing climate, Tidal Basin and its partners are equipped with an expansive spectrum of disaster and infrastructure program management and consulting services. Together, they are committed to providing equitable and inclusive solutions that ensure communities across the nation and beyond fully recover and rebuild to Be stronger than before™. 

This transaction will not change Tidal Basin’s brand identity, organizational structure, leadership, or staff. DC Capital is committed to preserving and enhancing Tidal Basin’s strong culture, vision, values, talent, and client and partner relationships that have been instrumental to its success.

While Tidal Basin will remain a separate organization, its new alliances will strengthen its position within the industry and offer new and unique opportunities to serve and make a difference.

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About Tidal Basin  

Tidal Basin is a leading comprehensive emergency and disaster management consulting firm, providing programmatic and technical management experience and resources to governments, organizations, businesses, and communities. Our integrated disaster management and enterprise solutions helps our clients and partners achieve their disaster preparedness and recovery goals more effectively and enables them to make their communities and businesses more resilient. With its impressive track record, Tidal Basin has solidified its position as a frontrunner in the emergency and disaster management industry. We look beyond the obvious and create new opportunities to transform and empower communities, making them stronger.

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