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Andrew Smart

Geospatial Technology Director

Andrew Smart is a Geospatial Technology Director at Michael Baker International. He supports Michael Baker International’s National Geospatial Practice as a subject matter expert on the ArcGIS Enterprise System and cloud services. Smart works with a broad range of industry sectors, including public safety, emergency management, utilities, local government, and transportation.

Smart specializes in designing high-performance GIS system architectures for critical systems deployed in both on-premises and cloud environments that require 24/7 uptime. He assists clients with leveraging the full scale of the ArcGIS System, from designing custom solutions, system integrations, real-time processing platforms, and autonomous systems utilizing ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Enterprise.

Smart is responsible for driving GIS technology through consulting solution delivery and continually looking for and applying new technology trends to services offered to clients.

Cloud-Hosting & Managed Services

Cloud Managed Services offer organizations a seamless and efficient way to offload the complexities of managing their cloud infrastructure and software. Michael Baker’s GIS Cloud Managed Services allow clients to focus on core business functions while leaving the tedious technical aspects of software, systems, and security management to the experts.

Michael Baker offers a suite of cloud management services, ranging from partial or complete management of a client’s existing cloud resources, infrastructure, and deployed systems. We also design and implement cloud-hosted and hybrid cloud/on-premises hosted architectures in Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, as well as others and provide complete or partial managed services for new cloud deployments.

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