Many areas affected by Hurricane Florence & Michael have not experienced a federal disaster declaration in numerous years. Since then, a lot has changed with how FEMA implements their Public Assistance program for eligible state and local governments, organizations, and communities.

FEMA’s updates to the Public Assistance program can make it difficult for Applicants to navigate on their own.

Beginning on September 12, 2017, FEMA implemented the updated Public Assistance delivery model on all future disaster declarations. This new process:

1.) Alters roles and responsibilities
2.) Requires extensively detailed information as part of the preliminary damage assessment and project formulation processes from the Applicant
3.) Can sometimes cause delays in the reimbursement process

FEMA also has allowed for the continuation of the Section 428 Alternative Procedures related to debris removal and permanent restoration which can help or hurt, depending on the situation.

Having Tidal Basin Consultants on your side who understand the ins-and-outs of the FEMA process can substantially benefit your recovery, have extensive knowledge of federal laws, regulations, and policies governing various post-disaster funding programs.

Our Disaster Recovery Consultants are familiar with the changes and would be happy to explain these changes in greater detail to help you maximize your recovery and make this process as easy as possible.

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