Categorizing Losses

6 D I SAS T E R R ECOVE RY TODAY.COM Scheduled Replacement Facilities are not eligible if scheduled for replacement within the next 12 months using federal funds. As stated above, permanent repairs are not eligible on FHWA funded roadways. That being said, a Subrecipient may still do what is necessary to make the roadways safe and passable, however, the FHWA requires prior approval before permanent repairs. For the FHWA’s ER program to be activated, a state must have amassed extraordinary costs per the following: “Although there is no nationwide definitive monetary break point between what is considered routine and extraordinary repair expenses the FHWA has determined that eligible ER repair activities in a state in the range of $700,000 (federal share) or more are usually significant enough to justify approval of ER funds.”3 If the ER program is activated, the Subrecipient will need to segregate all activities, including emergency work, between federal aid and non-federal aid eligible roads. Since it may take several months for this program to be activated in a major event (hurricane, severe flooding, etc.), Subrecipients should begin this segregation immediately. More information on the FHWA’s ER program can be found at Category D—Water Control Facilities Levees and Dams If a levee or dam meets the definition of a flood control work, falling within the authority of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) or Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), it is not eligible for permanent restoration. Drainage Channels The USACE or NRCS may be involved in some flood channels. In these cases, local drainage channels are not eligible. Man-made channels must show evidence of routine maintenance and will be restored to pre-flood hydraulic capacity. Appropriate documentation, including construction and maintenance records for the man-made channels should be placed in the permanent Subrecipient file. The documentation should include records demonstrating the pre-disaster condition of the channels. Natural Streams Debris removal from natural streams is not normally eligible for assistance. Only debris that causes a threat to life, public health and safety, or damage 3 Emergency Relief Manual (Federal Aid Highways) Interim Update, August 2003.