Loss Measurement



The foundation of a successful financial recovery following a catastrophic event is an accurate and timely measurement of loss. From the initial stages of cleanup through the rebuilding process, an applicant is faced with the daunting task of determining and proving their loss to both their insurer and relief granting agencies such as FEMA.

During the planning phase discussed in the previous edition of Disaster Recovery Today , it is important to assign personnel with the ability to begin such documentation from “zero- hour”.  1 It is equally important to ensure that these personnel have the support of participating departments on a daily basis. Trying to recreate portions of a loss several weeks or even months after...

1 If an organization does not have personnel on staff to fill these positions, it may be necessary to use outside consultants and/or professionals.

Issue 2


Following up the first issue of Disaster Recovery Today , which focused on pre-disaster planning, this issue will detail step two of the nine- step process: Loss Measurement. Accurately measuring your losses in a timely fashion will set the foundation of your financial recovery.

The following is a recap of the nine- step process identified by Adjusters International to respond to a declared disaster.

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—Sheila E. Salvatore, Editor

Loss Measurement

A careful approach will ensure a successful financial recovery

By Jeff Shaw