Implementing the Recovery Plan: Project formulation, worksheet development...



Issue 7

Implementing the Recovery Plan

Project formulation, worksheet development and receipt of funds

By Jeff Shaw

In the preceding six issues of Disaster Recovery Today , we have discussed management approach- es, determining and categorizing losses, determining eligibility, and developing recovery plans and funding approaches. It is now time to put the pieces together.

In this issue, “Implementing the Plan,” brings us to the next level of grant development. This edition will introduce the applicant to key contacts from the state and FEMA management teams and their areas of responsibility, and a discussion of recommended protocol to fol- low throughout the course of the working relationship with these management teams. Additionally, we focus on the detailed mechan- ics involved in grant development and receipt of funds, including an in-depth discussion of the core...


You’ve read about Project Worksheets in previous issues of Disaster Recovery Today . Now, in Issue No. 7, Adjusters International disaster recovery consultants discuss some of the important details to consider when organizing your recovery and writing a “PW”—formulation, validation, receipt of funds and appeals.

This issue moves our discussion of the FEMA grant management process from talk to action, and we hope it will get your disaster recovery program on the right track for funding.

—Sheila E. Salvatore, Editor