Completion, Inspection and Audit



Issue 8

Completion, Inspection and Audit

What to expect as the grant closes

By Jeff Shaw

So far in Disaster Recovery Today , the series has described the FEMA grant cycle, the roles of the play- ers and stakeholders involved, and how they interact and work together. Key to the entire grant cycle is documentation and accu- rate record-keeping. An organized, well-documented grant manage- ment strategy pays off during the final review of the project work during closeout and audit, and helps ensure that grant funding remains intact.

Since the date of the federal disas- ter declaration is often months, or even years, prior to a final review, an organization needs to take the necessary steps to prepare for the final review and to meet the expec- tations of project closeout teams.


With Issue No. 8 of Disaster Recovery Today , we complete the review of Adjusters International’s nine-step FEMA grant management process. Our grant development strategy offers a comprehensive guide to acquiring and retaining the funding you need to rebuild.

This article includes advice on how to prepare for the final inspection and audit and what to expect from the state and FEMA inspectors assigned to the task of closing down the grant.

—Sheila E. Salvatore, Editor