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Disaster preparedness, response, and recovery can become a complex process without a professional by your side taking care of every detail to help control the impact and, in the event of a disaster, initiate a thorough, maximized recovery. Our experience and client advocacy are paramount to our work for every organization, school, hospital, city, government, and community we serve. As you consider our services, we encourage you to review some of our case studies to see for yourself.
For more than thirty years, we have been called upon by hundreds of public and private sector clients to help prepare, mitigate, and recover from some of the world’s worst disasters. In every situation, we have been our clients trusted advocate from the beginning, bringing our experience and resources to successfully manage, establish, prove, and execute the intricacies of their disaster preparation and financial recovery without delay.
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  • Severe Flooding Shuts Down Hospital

    Powerful storms dropped torrential rain in magnitude of a 450-year event that resulted in severe flooding in the Southern Tier of New York in June 2006.

  • Storms Leave Embankment in Critical Condition

    A series of severe storms moved across New York State in May and June of 2004, dumping significant rainfall in Schoharie County. Fast rising and rapidly moving stream water left the Bear Gulch Brook embankment, adjacent to the town garage in the ton of Richmondville, in need of serious repair. However, before those repairs could be completed, the embankment incurred additional damage when another storm moved through the area in April 2005. Along with heavy snow melt, the storm again created fast rising and rapidly flowing stream water, leaving the embankment in critical condition.

  • City's Recovery Nearly Lost in the Shuffle

    When Hurricane Katrina struck, bringing with it widespread flooding and damage, the City of Slidell took the brunt of the storm. Located just 30 miles north of New Orleans, the two cities were both hit full-force by the destructive power of the hurricane. Unfortunately for Slidell, the nation first focused on the recovery of New Orleans. The City of Slidell didn't begin its recovery operations under Adjusters International had been hired, bringing the expertise required to turn the recovery process around.

  • Flooding Urges Sewage Plant Officials to Reach Out to Adjusters International

    Severe storms dumped massive amounts of rain in the Southern Tier of New York State in the summer of 2006, resulting in widespread flooding. 

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