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Disaster preparedness, response, and recovery can become a complex process without a professional by your side taking care of every detail to help control the impact and, in the event of a disaster, initiate a thorough, maximized recovery. Our experience and client advocacy are paramount to our work for every organization, school, hospital, city, government, and community we serve. As you consider our services, we encourage you to review some of our case studies to see for yourself.
For more than thirty years, we have been called upon by hundreds of public and private sector clients to help prepare, mitigate, and recover from some of the world’s worst disasters. In every situation, we have been our clients trusted advocate from the beginning, bringing our experience and resources to successfully manage, establish, prove, and execute the intricacies of their disaster preparation and financial recovery without delay.
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  • Zoo Animals Harmed in Hurricane

    The Audubon Nature Institute and its properties were ranked in the top five in the world for outstanding quality of animal care, diversity and habitat. Located directly on the Mississippi River in New Orleans, the facilities were squarely in the path of Hurricane Katrina's storm surge. The buildings and facilities sustained extensive damage, but a special challenge to the recovery at the Institute involved its animals.

  • Performing Arts Theatre Falls Victim to Katrina

    The Mahalia Jackson Theatre for the Performing Arts is home for the City of New Orleans' ballet, symphony orchestra, and opera. The New Orleans Opera is one of the oldest in the United States.

    The Theatre was just one of the city's nearly 300 buildings damaged by Hurricane Katrina. Adjusters International assisted in damage assessment of the city's properties, including the Theatre.

  • Village Hall Central to Islands' Recovery

    Islamorada, referred to as the "Village of Islands," counts four major islands stretching along 20 miles of the Florida keys and just a few thousand people as its residents. Hurricane Wilma brought the cluster of islands more than its fair share of damage, and Village officials had more than their fair share of problems orchestrating their FEMA recovery.

  • Adjusters International Bridges Funding Gap in Gulf Coast County

    As the "Gateway to the Mississippi Gulf Coast," Jackson County encompasses miles of beautiful coastline with several major cities and the state's largest port. Amidst Hurricane Katrina, the seat of the county, the City of Pascagoula, was 90 percent flooded by the storm surge - at 27 feet high with a six-mile inland reach. It's considered the most extensive, as well as the highest, surge in the documented history of the United States.

  • Adjusters International Works With Jefferson County Officials for Strong Recovery

    Texas has about 360 miles of coastline winding around the Gulf of Mexico, and an organized grid of counties along each turn. Jefferson County was one of four coastal counties that received a federal disaster declaration after the Category 5 Hurricane Rita came ashore.

  • More Funds for Major Port

    Two weeks before Hurricane Katrina, the Mississippi State Port Authority (MSPA), which operates the Port of Gulfport, announced it had set a new record for tons of cargo moving across its docks: more than 2.5 million for the fiscal year 2005.

  • Adjusters International Key to Disaster Recovery for County

    The primary land mass of Monroe County, Florida, is the Florida Keys. The 220-mile-long chain of islands acts as stepping stones into the Gulf of Mexico from the southern tip of Florida, sharing its postcard-perfect vistas with a flux of tourists. County officials have maintained a stand-by disaster recovery services contract with Adjusters International since 1998, in order to best assure its recovery should disaster strike.

  • Levee Breach Results in Damage to New Orleans' Sewage System

    On August 29, 2005, Hurricane Katrina, an intense Category 3 storm, breached the City of New Orleans' levee system, causing catastrophic damages throughout the City's infrastructure.

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