Rebuilding Under the FEMA Public Assistance Program: Repair? Replace? Relocate?


In a previous edition of Disaster Recovery Today (Issue 4) we discussed a disaster recovery- rebuilding plan and how understanding funding options — within FEMA’s Public Assistance Program — are vital to a successful disaster recovery. Once the applicant, the state and FEMA have determined that a facility is eligible for Public Assistance, an evaluation is required to determine what actions must be taken to bring the facility back to its pre- disaster condition. In this issue, we will concentrate on the various options for accomplishing this.

Disasters result from a wide range of hazards. In this article, we will use flood damage to explore the correct path for ensuring that all funding options are explored and the proper one is selected.


Once again we are pleased to welcome a new author to the Disaster Recovery Today editorial board. For this, our 12th edition, Robert Wright examines how the FEMA Public Assistance Program affects the decision to repair, replace or relocate a damaged facility.

Mr. Wright has extensive experience working for clients following numerous federally declared disasters. This experience provides the basis for his knowledge of this important subject.

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— Sheila E. Salvatore, Editor

Robert J. Wright

Rebuilding Under the FEMA Public Assistance Program: Repair? Replace? Relocate?