Disaster Planning and Preparedness for Maritime Ports: Five Important Points

entities of all types and at all levels —whether they are in a traditionally disaster-prone area or not. Among them are port authorities, which are a critical link in the supply chain that facilitates the transportation of imported and exported goods of all types integral to the global economy. This issue of Disaster Recovery Today highlights the unique complexities of operating a port authority for a specialized approach in preparing one to survive a disaster. In an interview with Stephanie Murphy, Tidal Basin’s Vice President of Preparedness, Resiliency and Emergency Management, Kyle Gibbs, who served as Risk Manager for PhilaPort (The Port of Philadelphia), shares his perspective on preparing for emergencies and how risk management and insurance interface throughout the process. His five key points provide an excellent outline of steps port managers should take before, during and after any disaster that might strike their facility. IN THIS ISSUE Disaster Preparedness and Recovery Consulting FEMA statistics show that we’re experiencingmore disasters than ever —and at an increasing rate. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) noted that the 2020 hurricane season has been the most active and the seventh costliest on record—beating the 2005 season when Hurricane Katrina ravaged the Gulf Coast. The Atlantic hurricane season saw 30 named storms, 13 of which were hurricanes, 12 of which made landfall and six were classified as major hurricanes (top winds greater than 111 mph). For comparison, an average season only sees 12 named storms and six hurricanes. For the period 1980 through 2019, the annual average of such events was 6.5 per year. 2019 marked the fifth consecutive year in which 10 or more separate billion-dollar disaster events impacted the U.S. This trend has made preparing for a disaster more important than ever for business and government Disaster Planning and Preparedness for Maritime Ports: Five Important Points E-Edition