Developing a Rebuilding Plan

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Developing a Rebuilding Plan

Knowing your program and funding options is vital to a successful recovery

In Disaster Recovery Today issue #4003, we discussed eligible cost determination. Once a Subrecipient, the state, and FEMA have determined which recovery costs are eligible, the next step is to develop a rebuilding plan that outlines how the Subrecipient actually intends on repairing or replacing damaged facilities (category C-G projects).

In this issue we will discuss your funding options when it comes to developing a rebuilding plan. As a Subrecipient, you have several options: you can repair or replace the original facility, improve upon it, or direct the grant funds toward another project. It all starts with a baseline valuation of the facility’s damages. As we discussed in issue #4001 — "Loss Measurement" —the foundation of any valuation or measurement in scope is based on two key valuation criteria: “as it was” and “as it has to be.”


This issue of Disaster Recovery Today focuses on the funding options and availability of funds to repair damaged facilities following a disaster. The information can be crucial in developing a rebuilding plan.

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