Categorizing Losses

10 D I SAS T E R R ECOVE RY TODAY.COM Historically, if the activity is conducted soon after the event, FEMA may conclude that it is an emergency measure. If a Subrecipient is using their own staff for the work, then only overtime is eligible. It is imperative that Subrecipients carefully articulate what was done and whether more work is required before a permanent solution is reached. Category G—Parks, Recreational, and Other Grass Grass and sod replacement is eligible if it is an integral part of the restoration of an eligible recreational facility. Trees Trees and other plantings are not eligible unless part of an engineered wetlands or slope stabilization project. Damage Estimates All structures and damage sites within a park may be included as a single project if repair or contract is being handled that way. They can be claimed separately, if desired. Beaches To be eligible, a beach must have been improved to a designed profile and regularly maintained prior to the disaster. Appropriate documentation should be