Buildings and Equipment: Mastering One of the Most Complex Categories of Work



Average % Large PWs by Declaration All Work Categories

17.0 20.8 17.8 8.1 18.5 10.4 7.4

Debris Removal — 17.0 Protective Measures — 20.8 Roads & Bridges — 17.8 Water Control Facilities — 8.1 Public Buildings — 18.5 Public Utilities — 10.4 Recreational or Other — 7.4

Average % Large PWs by Declaration Permanent Work

29.8 16.7 11.9 28.5 13.1

Roads & Bridges — 28.5 Water Control Facilities — 13.1 Public Buildings — 29.8 Public Utilities — 16.7 Recreational or Other — 11.9

Current as of 12-11-2012

Issues regarding Category E projects that will be discussed in this article include codes and standards, hazard mitigation, FEMA’s 50 Percent Rule, equipment replacement, and insurance considerations, among others.

What to Do Pre-Loss

Questions that will arise post-disaster regarding buildings, contents and equipment are similar to those in any other category of work: Is the facility the legal responsibility of the applicant? Was it damaged by the declared event? Are the claimed damages accurate? To what extent (if any) were there any pre- existing damages? Are the associated costs valid and reasonable?

It is an applicant’s responsibility to demonstrate that claimed damages were caused by the declared event rather than by a failure of maintenance or some other avoidable issue unrelated to the disaster. Applicants are also responsible for demonstrating that quantities claimed (e.g., lost/damaged inventory) are detailed and accurate.