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Disaster Recovery Today® is offered as a public service by Tidal Basin, sharing the knowledge gained from years of field experience that has made Tidal Basin’s team the leading experts in preparedness and disaster recovery consulting.

Originally focusing on topics related to FEMA’s Public Assistance program, we will be adding additional issues across the emergency management spectrum of preparedness and disaster recovery solutions.

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Issue #4014

Buildings and Equipment

Mastering One of the Most Complex Categories of Work
Our 15th edition focuses on a topic often-requested by our readers: Category E Projects – Buildings and Equipment.
Mitigation Measures 1530x1980
Issue #4013

Mitigation Measures

Sound Investments in Disaster Recovery
This edition of Disaster Recovery Today® explores the value of mitigation programs eligible for FEMA funding. Mitigation grant funds are enormously valuable resources for local jurisdictions. To access mitigation grant funding, a community needs to have an approved Mitigation Action Plan (MAP). . . .
Proper Debris 1530x1980
Issue #4012

Proper Debris Management

Key to Disaster Recovery and FEMA Assistance
In this issue, author Kevin Cahill addresses the importance of including debris removal in a well-designed disaster recovery plan and highlights some of the pervasive issues that arise during the debris-removal phase of a disaster.
Rebuilding 1530x1980
Issue #4011

Rebuilding Under the FEMA Public Assistance Program

Repair? Replace? Relocate?
Once again we are pleased to welcome a new author to the Disaster Recovery Today editorial board. For this, our 12th edition, Robert Wright examines how the FEMA Public Assistance Program affects the decision to repair, replace or relocate a damaged facility.
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Issue #4010

A Second Disaster Strikes: Will FEMA Pay Again?

Know Your Obtain and Maintain Requirements!
This edition takes an in-depth look at FEMA’s Obtain and Maintain requirements for property insurance coverage and their relationship to an applicant’s ability to receive Public Assistance funding.
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Issue #4009

Floodplain Management

Sound Techniques to Improve Your Recovery
With the most common natural disaster in the United States being floods, this issue of Disaster Recovery Today® discusses floodplain management and its impact on FEMA reimbursements.
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Issue #4008

Mitigation Funding in the FEMA Public Assistance Program

Mitigation is valuable to society in many ways. It creates stronger, safer and more resilient communities and infrastructure. It also has the potential to save lives and lessens the economic impact on a community following a disaster. . . .
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Issue #4007

Completion, Inspection and Audit

What to expect as the grant closes
An organized, well-documented grant management strategy pays off during the final review of the project during closeout and audit, and helps ensure that grant funding remains intact.
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Issue #4006

Implementing the Recovery Plan

Project formulation, worksheet development and receipt of funds
This issue of Disaster Recovery Today® provides the information to get your organization on track for the funding it requires, and for keeping your project on course in the event of challenges.
Funding Approach 1530x1980
Issue #4005

Develop a Funding Approach

A four-step evaluation process to set the course of project funding
One of the most crucial elements of FEMA grant funding-approach development remains open communication with the state and FEMA, and controlling the stages of Project Worksheet development.
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