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COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout: Preparing for Statewide Implementation

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Tidal Basin is ready to provide the key services required to make the COVID-19 vaccine distribution as seamless as possible. Our team is laser focused on excellence, expertise, and exceeding expectations on the state’s behalf.

Our team can provide states with the proper technology, call center support, cold storage logistics and grant management assistance to make the COVID-19 vaccine distribution progress fluid.

Call Center Assistance and Case Management

Tidal Basin’s experience in Call Center management, allows state agencies to rely on our experts by augmenting their work force capacity, which enables state employees to continue with their mission. Our Call Center support solutions include:

  • Intake services cascading information to residents
  • Public Health messaging mission
  • Collecting information from the state on residents for each phase
  • Conducting outreach and messaging campaigns to notify residents about the vaccine
  • Encouraging residents to receive the vaccine at the closest vaccination center
  • Providing well-trained, experienced multilingual operators
  • Track vaccine caseload
  • Dedicated case managers and insure vaccine schedule adherence

Technology Assistance

The Tidal Basin team recognizes the COVID-19 vaccine deployment will require an unprecedented level of effort by States and place a great strain on the IT infrastructure. Our experienced team is prepared to alleviate any strains placed on your IT systems during the vaccine distribution process.

A Single Source of Truth for Data for State Agencies and Programs

  • Multiple data sets are integrated, cleansed, validated and enriched

Optum Expertise + Curated Data + Advanced Analytics

  • HHS-specific insights based on more than 20 years of government experience

360 Degree View

  • Quality
  • Cost
  • Access
  • Engagement 

Users at every level of experience can access data for insights.

Cold Storage

State governments are responsible for the movement of COVID-19 vaccines from cold storage facilities to clinical locations once the vaccine is ready for distribution. Benefits of the Tidal Basin portable cold storage logistics chain include:

  • Electric-powered containerized freezers that do not require any liquid fuel
  • Containerized freezers are far more energy-efficient and, therefore, significantly less costly to operate
  • Operating with zero emissions, electric-powered containerized freezers are eco-friendly and far superior from a public health and safety standpoint
  • Capable of ultra-cold portable storage between vaccination locations

Grant Management

We deliver knowledge and experience together with unwavering client advocacy to help the state maximize available funding from both the CARES Act, FEMA and other grant programs. Our team provides grant management services throughout all phases of the recovery process and will help states with:


  • Develop and maintain a grant management and recovery strategy, that includes hazard mitigation


  • Formulate and validate Project Worksheets and other funding applications that are fully coordinated with any insurance claim settlement process before seeking additional funding


  • Accurately track projects


  • Optimize funding to ensure maximum recovery for the state

Federal Grant Support

  • Provide support to states nationally, ensuring they are provided comprehensive program support

The Tidal Basin team prides itself on providing support while guiding our clients through the COVID-19 recovery process. We are committed to serving our clients through shared expertise and knowledge transfer. Our continual involvement provides us with a strong understanding of the unique needs and challenges our clients face following devastating events.

Download COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout: Preparing for Statewide Implementation

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