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Michelle Hillaert

Director, Business Applications and Customer Experience

Ms. Hillaert is a Director on Tidal Basin’s Business Applications and Customer Experience (BACE) team. She joined Tidal Basin in March 2020 as our IT Business Applications Manager and played a major role in the development and improvement of our internal systems. She oversaw our expansion from using Zoho Enterprise Application as a CRM to an enterprise communications platform, integrating additional modules on the site along the way in support of increased efficiency across all business units.

In addition to curating constructive communications management software and ensuring that our transition to utilizing it progresses as smoothly as possible, Michelle has also supported the expansion of our Quality Management System. An integral member of the 2021-2023 strategic planning team, she helped review our existing processes and implement logistical updates for greater execution. She continues to build out features on our internal applications to support a seamless workflow and consistent growth across the company.

Michelle has led various internal initiatives, including InDesign training, development, and implementation of User Acceptance Testing (UAT) for internal application development. She was also among a team of employees who assisted with information systems support, including development, training, and user acceptance testing, for both the Florida Vaccine Program and the Emergency Rental Assistance Programs in 2021.

With more than 25 years of experience in roles relating to technology and communications, Michelle’s past work spans web design and support, marketing and social media, and online consulting. Before joining Tidal Basin, her prior positions included serving as a video editor, computer technician, graphic designer, podcaster, social media manager, and application designer.

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