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Jeanine Neipert

Senior Director of Mitigation Programs

Professional Profile

Jeanine joined Tidal Basin in 2019 as the Senior Director of Mitigation Programs. She has been working in the field of disaster response and recovery since 2007 with an ongoing focus in the areas of hazard mitigation and planning.

Jeanine holds a master’s in emergency management and has served in several FEMA positions including Hazard Mitigation Branch Director on the National Incident Management Assistance Team (N-IMAT), Hazard Mitigation Deputy Branch Director, Hazard Mitigation Grants and Planning Group Supervisor, and Management Coordinator. She has applied her skills on more than 15 deployments working with state, local, and tribal governments to develop plans and projects, including risk assessment and mitigation strategy development. She served as the Mitigation Advisor to the Federal Disaster Recovery Coordinators and RSFs in Colorado following the 2013 floods and Florida following Hurricane Irma and as the Risk Reduction Advisor to the Federal Coordinating Officer in Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria.

Jeanine’s extensive experience includes supporting the development and adoption of risk-informed building codes and standards; providing Hazard Mitigation Assistance (HMA) technical support to states, tribes, and local communities, coordinating with the state and Federal Insurance and Mitigation Administration (FIMA) on development of Advisory Base Flood Elevation data and wind microzoning products; monitoring compliance with NFIP regulations during rebuilding; and providing floodplain management expertise to internal and external partners.

When not deployed in support of disaster response and recovery operations, she has supported the Strategy Branch within the Integration Office at FIMA, instructed courses at the Emergency Management Institute (EMI), and participated in national and regional exercises

Firm Role

HMA program implementation and oversight; mitigation proposal development; and technical assistance as needed. DR-4085-NY 404 Program Lead


E/L 102,179,202,212,238,273,276,278,291,300,312,318,341,378,373,386,400,425,477,479,563,564,598,825; instructor for E/L 168,203,204,207; dozens of IS courses as well.

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