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Andre J. Leblanc

Senior Director of Housing

Professional Profile

Mr. LeBlanc is experienced in the fields of Program Management, CDBG disaster recovery, program development and implementation, residential construction, renovation and storm damage assessment. He is currently the Program Director for the STEP Housing Program 'Tu Hogar Renace' in Puerto Rico, which is one of the largest housing recovery efforts in history. He has been involved in managing multiple programs, managing builders and designing recovery programs. Mr. LeBlanc is also experienced in subcontractor management and quality assurance.

Firm Role

Leading construction management efforts including business development for business line

Disaster Experience

  • STEP Pilot Program – “Tu Hogar Renace,” Department of Housing – Government of Puerto Rico, 1/18 – Present
    • Program Director: Oversees Sheltering and Temporary Essential Power (STEP) program in Puerto Rico. The same program design developed in Monroe County, Florida was expanded upon to face the unique challenges presented in Puerto Rico. The scale of the project is unprecedented, as are the challenges. Mr. LeBlanc and team are successfully running the program, which is serving over 175,000 approved applicants. The goal of this housing program is to enable residents of Puerto Rico to return to their homes with rapid response construction activities. The project is currently running on a $1.6B budget.
  • STEP Program, Monroe County, FL, 10/17 – 2/18
    • Program Manager: Designed and provided oversight of the Sheltering and Temporary Essential Power (STEP) program after Hurricane Irma which ensured that the residents of Monroe County were able to safely shelter in their homes via rapid construction repairs. Designed community outreach activities, applicant registration and eligibility verification practices. Developed damage assessment, permitting, construction and closeout practices for the construction management firm. Ensured compliance during initial scope development, the inspection process, and through construction and closeout.
  • Louisiana Office of Community Development – Disaster Recovery Unit (OCD) – Restore Louisiana Program, 6/17 – 10/17
    • Project Manager: Developed program and inspection protocol, transitioned into assisting the construction team to develop contractor management and inspection protocols, and created in-house damage assessment team to supplement the production of our subcontractors.
  • Louisiana Governor’s Office of Homeland Security & Emergency Preparedness (GOHSEP) – Louisiana Shelter at Home Program, August 2016 – March 2017
    • Contractor Liaison: Developed inspection protocol, performed pilot inspections during program development. And transitioned to Contractor Liaison when the state signed on general contractors. Oversaw 3 general contractors to develop/process change orders, resolve inspection/construction issues, and audit invoicing. Technical advisor on inspection, construction, policy/procedure and invoice auditing.
  • Legacy Rehabilitation Lead, GLO – City of Galveston Round 2, 2/14-8/16:
    • Legacy Rehabilitation Lead: Managed the construction of all homes being rehabilitated due to historical nature. Created initial damage assessments, performed pre-construction meetings with builders, performed progress inspections, helped create entirely new change order process, provided change order scope for builders and performed final inspections. Helped coordinate the rehabilitation of large historical homes with the GLO, builders, third-party engineering firm(s) and the historical preservation team. Was part of a team that set new systems in place for scoping, submitting and processing complex change orders for unforeseen issues on homes being rehabbed.
  • Dormitory Authority of the State of New York Program, 9/13 – 10/13
    • Subcontractor Manager: Managed 4 main subcontractors who were responsible for creating approximately 2000 damage estimates for homes damaged by Hurricane Sandy, assisted the QA team, assigned roles for new team members, and developed efficient solutions to accommodate the clients.
  • Neighborhood Home Project, Mississippi Development Authority (MDA), September 2012-Present
    • Lead Damage Assessor: Currently performing initial damage assessments and preconstruction scope verification walks with contractors on Hurricane Katrina damaged homes. Responsible for capturing field data accurately and creating an SPCR (Statement of Probable Cost of Repair) within program guidelines.
  • Elevation, and Mitigation (RREM) Program, June 2013-July 2013
    • Trainer to the Damage Assessor, QA/QC Teams: Trained URS staff in field methods for damage assessments and report creation. Trained ~60 people in both classroom and field settings on the entire process of creating damage estimates. Topics taught includes Proper homeowner interaction, How to accurately measure, draw and photograph a home, Avoiding safety hazards in the field, Field efficiency, Data organization, Creating a damage estimate using Xactimate Software, and How to properly scope a repair, and Quality Control for reviewing estimates.
  • Texas, City of Galveston, Disaster Recovery Program, Round 1, 6/12 – 7/12
    • Damage Assessor: Worked in Galveston, Texas with URS personnel to create initial damage reports for historical and non-historical homes during first stages of the program. Created protocol for assessing homes that were damaged by Hurricane Ike, created damage assessments and repair estimates for Galveston homes with unique historical and regional construction methods and materials.
  • Neighborhood Home Project, MS Development Authority (MDA), 1/12-9/12
    • Independent Contractor: Performed damage assessments and created damage estimates and repair estimates for a subcontractor of URS. The accuracy and consistency of these estimates is what lead to Mr. LeBlanc’s future employment at URS.


  • US Army Corps of Engineers – Construction Quality Management Certified
  • Certified Lead Inspector, LA DEQ
  • Certified Renovator, LA DEQ
  • Housing Quality Standards Inspector, 2016
  • FEMA Badge Holder

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