government consulting

Tidal Basin Government Consulting (TBGC) is an emergency management and homeland security consulting firm based in Alexandria, Virginia. TBGC provides expert consulting to assist state, local and private sector clients in identifying and achieving their emergency management goals. Preparedness, recovery and mitigation are the main focuses of TBGC’s emergency management process.

commercial services

Tidal Basin Commercial Services, based in New Orleans, provides cost effective, high-quality Construction Management Services. Our credentialed personnel manage projects proactively and aggressively, pursuing quality workmanship while delivering projects on time and within budget. Our professional services are comprehensive, innovative, and based on proven Best Management Practices. Our staff of construction management professionals have a record of cost and schedule control. We provide services from concept to through post-construction warranty and asset management, assuring that expectations are met.


Tidal Basin Federal, based in Alexandria, Virginia, is an emergency management and homeland security consulting firm that operates on a federal level with extensive experience in program management, resiliency, disaster recovery, and program re-engineering and innovation. Tidal Basin Federal provides support to domestic and international clients on projects ranging from disaster housing to intelligence analysis. Tidal Basin Federal currently works on innovations and improvements of programs and processes to speed the delivery of services to disaster victims, while maintaining a ready staff to be deployed around the world for assessments, surveys and oversight. Tidal Basin Federal has grown to delivering world class disaster and crisis management services, in support of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), HUD, DOT, HHS and DHS programs.  


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